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Social Networking for Entrepreneurial Women


In pursuance of entrepreneurial excellence!



Social Networking Platform for Entrepreneurial Women

The Women In Business organisation is a social networking platform available to all entrepreneurial women via

  • events and functions 
  • or virtually.  (Currently all events and interactions are virtual.   The safety and health of our members is of paramount important, hence no physical events or functions have been planned for the immediate future)

Whether you are a leader, a manager, an entrepreneurial employee or self-employed you need to join #WomenInBusiness.
Sharing of knowledge, skills and encouragement will lead to positive impacts on you as a person and on the organisation you work for or you lead. 

  • Networking opportunities,
  • sound boarding,
  • business support
  • training
  • linkages to fellow entrepreneurs.

Our reach goes far and wide extending throughout South Africa and internationally.  

As the award winning 2018/2019 South African & South African Development Community (SADC), Africa’s Most Influential Women in Business & Government – SME Sector – we would like to help encourage you to take your business to the next level.

Opportunity for all entrepreneurial Women

Join Women In Business as a member for a minimal R50 per person per month or R500 for a full year’s membership.  As a member you will enjoy the benefits of using the social networking platform to brand and expose the products and services you offer.  

Women In Business hosts various events and activities.  Costs are kept to a minimum to encourage membership.
Members costs for events and activities are substantially lower than for non members. 

Volunteer CEO and representative of Women In Business, Ali Engelbrecht serves as a Director on the Executive Board of the Pietermaritzburg & Midlands Chamber of Business

Women In Business services include:

  • Conference speaking/presentations and conferencing,
  • Workshop training and facilitation,
  • Confidence building,
  • Sound boarding,
  • Networking platforms and opportunities,
  • Business skills
  • Knowledge Sharing.


Make arrangements for Ali Engelbrecht (CEO) to present at your next conference, workshop or training sessions.

Upcoming Events
Due to the Corona-19 epidemic all physical events have been cancelled.
Social networking is still happening via our virtual Coffee & Conversation get togethers, and through our Facebook Group.
Join us and keep in touch, share you knowledge and skills and help one another to remain positive and motivated.


Keep up to date with factual information – https://sacoronavirus.co.za/

Opportunity for all entrepreneurial Women

Membership is R50 per person per month or R500 per person for the year.  Click here to access membership form

Next event to be advised

2021 Events

The 2021 virtual Coffee & Conversation events are constantly being updated.  Watch this space for details.
The most recent events hosted are below. 

Or send us an email: ceo @ womeninbusiness.org.za

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