Entrepreneur or e-preneur? Which are you or are you a combination?
The title of E-Preneur 2020 could be yours!
Is your business rEmarkable or is it the Extreme opposite i.e. vEry good?
Join Women In Business on a voyage of discovery about yourself and your business and perhaps a brand new destination.

Six online tasks, one released each week, for you to complete and submit online.
First task will be released on the 1st May 2020. You have two months (May and June) to complete all six tasks.  

Key ingredients to this program?

1. Willing to try something new
2. Willing to re-assess yourself and your business
3. Willing to go BIG really BIG with your way out ideas
4. Willing to be innovative about yourself & your business
5. Willing to be ingenious about yourself & your business
There are no right or wrong answers. It is about deleting boundaries, creating new scenarios, innovation at an Extreme level, making yourself and your business rEmarkable.
At each stage there will be lucky draw prizes.
At the end of the program (30th June 2020) each participant will receive a e-preneur trophy (couriered if necessary) and there will be the title of The 2020 e-preneur up for grabs.
So do you have the courage to adapt the way you do business? Don’t be shy. The only persons who will see your answers are the four adjudicators who shall remain anonymous.
Register now…….why wait?


Have you ever thought about how far your staff or co-workers have to walk each day to get to and from work?  Those ladies who have to use public transport as they do not have any other means of getting to work.  Have you ever asked them what time of the morning they get up?  Walk to the taxi rank.  Walk from where the taxi drops them to work.  Reverse the process in the evening and still have to carry groceries home.

Be mindful of these wonderful women who are the backbone of your business.  Be kind be empathetic.

CEO – Ali Engelbrecht – in 2019 embarked on a virtaul challenge of completing 1,200 miles (1,931 kilometres) in 2019.  Women who have to use public transport on average walk 1,200 miles in a year.  In 202o, Ali again took on a virtual challenge of walking 2,020 kilometres.

You are invited to walk with Ali by following her on Facebook and Instagram.  Encourage you staff and co-workers to be empathetic and aware to those who are perhaps a little weary when they get to work.  By talking, sharing and encouraging you could make a huge difference to someone’s day.


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