Congratulations to Rene Carter – 2021 Winner of Women In Business E-Preneur Reboot Program. A nine week journey of self reflection and introspection to improve business mindsets and opportunity. We are so very proud of all our participants.
Congratulations to Gilly Robartes. 2021 Women In Business E-preneur Reboot program Runner-Up


Have you ever thought about how far your staff or co-workers have to walk each day to get to and from work?  Those ladies who have to use public transport as they do not have any other means of getting to work.  Have you ever asked them what time of the morning they get up?  Walk to the taxi rank.  Walk from where the taxi drops them to work.  Reverse the process in the evening and still have to carry groceries home.

Be mindful of these wonderful women who are the backbone of your business.  Be kind be empathetic.
From January 2019 to 17the February 2022, Ali has covered 9,524  kms on foot.  She has walked every single step.  No running, cycling or otherwise.  Her aim is to raise awareness of the distances women have to walk, each and every day to get to and from work. #Walking4Women

You are invited to walk with Ali by following her on Facebook and Instagram.  Encourage you staff and co-workers to be empathetic and aware to those who are perhaps a little weary when they get to work.  By talking, sharing and encouraging you could make a huge difference to someone’s day.


Women In Business, in collaboration with the African Millennium Foundation, and “Eyes on Africa” have been working together for the past 10 years.   Through the kind donation of citizens based in the Los Angeles area, Women In Business received readers (spectacles).  In conjuction with a registered optometrist, Rod Hastie, we have been able to distribute readers and frames with rural women.  This is an ongoing project which sadly came to a standstill during 2020 COVID lock down. Now that we in Level 1, Rod Hastie, is slowly getting back to rural areas and assiting women with sight issues.
If you would like to get involved please contact us.  We would love to have your support.

Mentorship Program

Women In Business, working with Love Howick, launched a pilot mentorship program with entrepreneurs who had done a basic business course.
The aim behind the progam is to encourage and enable these enteprenerial women to believe in themselves, thereby enhancing their confidence and business skills.   The overwhelming need for Mentorship, particularly in an informal manner has been identified as a 2022 project for WIB.  We will be running mentorship programmes virtually.  Where entrepreneurs need specific skills they will be referred to specialists within that area.  Watch this space for further information. 
Ali, the CEO of Women In Business, continues to assist Love Howick with their Business Programms for Entrepreneurs by volunteering at the Business Pitch events.  Aspiring entrepreneurs are given opportunities to present their business plans and get input and feedback from a variety of experienced entrepreneurs.